The unique style of versaille pattern tile March 2017

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You will get more attractive look by setting versaille pattern tile March 2017

You may ever see the random pattern of the multi-sized tiles installation in some places. Yes, it builds a nice look. This random pattern tile is also known as Versaille pattern tile. It uses four different sizes of tiles which make a unique and attractive look. It is usually made from natural stones, such as travertine, slate, limestone, and marble. The right combination of stones, colors, edges, and layouts will create an amazing design. Do you want to install this unique pattern for your home? Travertine tile presents the widest selection of colors and finishes. It will be interesting choice for your home. You can install it in your bathroom, kitchen, or veranda.

You can install Versaille pattern tile by yourself. You should prepare the material such as: tile, thinset, backerboard, rock-on cement board screws (1 ¼”), tile saw, trowel, spatula, 5 gal bucket, thinset mixing paddle, 1/2 hp drill, knee pads, grout, rubber grout float, extra large grout sponge, tile spacers (1/8”), level, natural stone sealer, chalk line, measuring tape, backerboard seam tape (2”), impact drill, backerboard scoring knife, and straight edge. First of all, you should measure the area where the pattern tile will be installed. It will help you to know how many tiles which should be bought. Do not forget to buy extra tile.  You should prepare some extra tiles. After measuring the area, you should consider the layout. It will help you install the tile easily. You can repeat the layout until the tiles cover all of the space.

Versaille pattern tile layout March 2017

Start the Versaille pattern tile layout installation by mixing a lot of thin-set according to the instructions in its package. Spread the thin-set using the trowel. Then lay the tiles according your layout. Ensure your tiles are level. You can add thin-set to the corner side with the spatula. Allow the tiles cure for two days.  After that, you can grout the tile. The travertine tiles have a unique characteristic, color, and texture. You should seal the tile to maintain its look. You can seal the tile after grouting. Ensure to use a sealant which suitable for travertine. On the whole, there are two types of stone sealers, namely impregnating sealers and enhancing sealers. You can use the impregnating sealer to protect your tile without changing the physical appearance of your tile. It will keep the natural and dry look of your tile. If you want to enhance the color and contrast of your tile, you can choose enhancing sealer.

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