Treating and Installing Well Your Flooring Based on Trafficmaster Laminate Flooring Reviews March 2017

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Having beautiful Trafficmaster laminate flooring can be reached if you install and treat it correctly with Trafficmaster laminate flooring reviews March 2017

Beautifying a house by beautifying its floor is one good way. The floor can be from hardwood, tiles, or laminate flooring. In using those floors, the proper treatment and installation are very important to make them keep durable and beautiful especially for laminate flooring. One kind of laminate flooring is Trafficmaster. Trafficmaster laminate flooring is installed by using a locking Glueless mechanism. It is because this floor has a floating system.That is why Trafficmaster laminate flooring should not be glued to floor. Trafficmaster laminate flooring installation can be installed in vinyl floors, tile, and also sheet floors. Irregularities of subfloor have to be smoothed by using hydraulic cement or leveling compound. Here are the Trafficmaster laminate flooring reviews to install it properly.

For the installation,you can remove the lip on the groove edge of the planks youwant to fit into. It can be done by sanding lightly or planning off the lip on the groove side of the plank and then allowing the plank to be installed lying flat. After the lip is trimmed on the plank fitted to, you can lay the plank flat on the floor. After that, apply a thin bead of PVAc-D3 laminate glue on the top of the tongue. Push the plank into position. After the plank is positioned well, you can wipe off the excess glue with a damp cloth and warm water. For the final installation, please remove the spacers that are placed along the perimeter of the room. To cover the expansion space, you should install moldings around the perimeter of the room. Be sure to fasten the molding into the wall, not through the flooring. The protection pads have to be placed under furniture legs or other heavy objects to be

left in place for a long period of time. You are not allowed to drag or pull heavy furniture because it will damage the floor.

Trafficmaster laminate flooring installation March 2017

After you do the Trafficmaster laminate flooring installation, it is important for you to treat your flooring well. First, vacuum it regularly. You should vacuum it by using a soft bristle brush. Second is light damp mop. If needed, it may be mopped lightly. Prevent the standing water because it makes the planks to lift. Third, use any floor protector for furniture. It is because furniture legs may scratch your floors. Fourth, do not use any oil soaps cleaning product. It is because those products will give a dull finish. Use the cleaner designed for laminate flooring.

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