The Process of Painting using epoxy garage floor March 2017

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Epoxy garage floor will make your garage floor be more pretty and good for the car parking March 2017

Epoxy is usually used for the floor surface layer with a specific purpose. For example, in the factory, epoxy is used on the floor to make the treatment be easy such in its cleaning and sterilization. In the design of the house, the garage is a room that can be categorized as the dirty zone. To the use epoxy is a pretty good alternative on the garage floor. Epoxy garage floor offers a relatively inexpensive way and very easy for homeowners/office/factory to change the appearance of the old floor.

For example, the old garage that seems bleak will be a beautiful new garage after coated with the epoxy floor paint. However, in painting epoxy floor people are often less attention to the floor surface preparation techniques and it will fail. Before the painting process, the floor surface preparation needs to be done. Destination floor surface preparation is that the paint can stick well to the surface of the concrete. Whatever the type of paint used, if the floor surface is not prepared properly before the application, there will be significant problems with adhesion between the paint and the surface of the floor. Good floor surface preparation will benefit the end result that is more resistant epoxy paint compared to the painting done without regarding the surface preparation. To achieve a perfect painting and avoid the risk of paint peeling or chipping, here are some techniques of floor preparation before epoxy process:

  • Make sure that the room is quite bright so it will be clear enough to see what on the floor surface to be painted is.
  • Use metal knife to scrape mud/soil attached, droplets of paint, or general dirt from the floor.
  • Apply a degreaser/grease remover chemicals for every areas where may contains oil or other fluids from the car/ machine. Use rough brush to spread the fluid.
  • Use pressure spray machine to rinse the affected area. Redo again until the entire floor area completely free of oil.
  • Use a pressurized spray machines for cleaning the entire floor. If necessary, set a higher pressure to remove dirt or mud from a particular area. Set a lower pressure to rinse the entire surface of the floor.
  • Let the floor dry completely before proceeding. If the floor is still perceived less clean, you can use certain chemicals for painted floors so it is truly clean and somewhat be rough surface.

Sherwin Williams epoxy garage floor March 2017

If done neatly, epoxy can make the garage looks more beautiful especially if you use a good epoxy. One example of a well-known and good epoxy is Sherwin Williams epoxy garage floor. It comes from the Sherwin-Williams Company. It is an American company focused in building materials industry. This company primarily focuses in manufacture and distribution, paints, and related products to in North and also South America and one example of the collection is Sherwin Williams epoxy garage floor. The company is popular with its Sherwin-Williams Paints line.

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