How to do restaining wood floors February 2017

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There are some steps in restaining instruction, so you must read the step correctly and carefully February 2017

Wooden flooring that is applied since several years ago is able to be dull or scratches looking. Indeed, many activities on that floor are making the wood is getting scratches and stain. And of course, it is going to make your flooring bad view moreover, it is not good anymore. Beside, the dull problem is causing faded color of that wood hence your flooring is looking too old. Therefore, it is time for restaining wood floors of your house. If you don’t understand how to restain your wooden flooring, you need to look for the correct instruction for doing the project. It can prevent bad result that you won’t and your flooring is going to proper result.

This is some step that you can use for restaining wood floors in your house. Make sure that you are not leaving the step for sake getting the sleek and wonderful result of this project. Then, you can do it by yourself, so I suggest you to do not call technician or carpenter for doing this. It can save a lot of your money for other necessary. And actually, restaining is not difficult process. Just following this instruction and you can finish it well.

restaining wood floors

Restaining wood floors cost February 2017

The first process of this project is determining what size and what king of your hardwood flooring applied. Different size needs different budget, but for restaining wood floors cost in 225 sq. sizes needs budget around $200 up to $340. After you know your budget, you can start the process. The first step is clearing all of the wood flooring. You have to clean your wooden flooring properly. If your flooring has been waxed, you can clean it by mineral spirit or other wax remover product. The next step is removing your old stain or finish by using sand. You can start it by sandpaper. If it finish, you can vacuum the flooring for cleaning it from the dust. If this process is done, you can look the scratches or hole that must be mended.

The next step is cleaning the flooring with clean cloth which is dampened by mineral spirit. Then, wait until the wooden flooring is dry. When the floor is dry, you can display the stain by using lint free cloth. If you stain your entire floor, apply polyurethane protective finish on your floor. Then, let the floor around 24 hours until it is dry. Remember; keep following the instruction of restaining wood floors!

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restaining wood floors cost

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restaining wood floors costrestaining wood floors

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