The Quality of Densshield Tile Backer February 2017

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Finding tile backer from Densshield for your house wall is easier by visiting Lowes February 2017

If you are looking for the tile backer for preventing the cavity damage on your wall tile, I suggest you to buy Densshield tile backer. The tile backer of Densshiled is the best product. It is the first board of backer tile built in moisture barrier. This tile backer is helping you to avoid the cavity of your wall. Indeed it is integrating between microbial barrier and moisture resistant core. It is made of acrylic coating and fiberglass mats. This product is very available for wet area. Therefore, you can apply this product for your wall tile. This is able to be displayed in bathroom remodeling, for your new house construction, your pool area or your other area which has high humidity, even wet areas.

For getting this Densshield tile backer, you can visit Lowes store. Here, there is range of design and style tile backer from Densshield. Lowes store provides the affordable price for the remarkable tile backers. This is some tile nacker from Densshield product. The first product is James Hardie Backer board. It is made of premium material. They are sand and Portland cement. It is provided in two size, they are 0.25 in x 3 ft x 5 ft and 0.42 in x 3 ft x 5 ft. It is resist tile from mold resistance.

Densshield tile backer

Densshield Tile Backer Board February 2017

Then, the other Densshield tile backer board Lowes is Durock sement board design. It is resistance to fungus growth and bacteria growth. This design is made of cement material which will not warp, disintegrate, rot or delaminate when this product is exposed by water. You can find it in two sizes also. It is ½ in x 3 ft x 5 ft and ¼ in x 3 ft x 5 ft. Then, the other product of Densshield in Lowes is perma-base plus cement plank. This size is ¼ in x 3 feet x 5 feet and 7/16 in x 3 feet x 5 feet. This design is has lighter weight than the other conventional cement planks. Hence, it is easier to be applied or handled at the jobsite. Based on the crucial function, it is resist mold growth. Producing with high moisture resistant, it will not disintegrate, rot or swell when it is exposed by water.
Now, you can consider this product based on your necessary. Your wall will be get many compliments because of your applying tile backer.

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Densshield tile backer board
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Densshield tile backer boardDensshield tile backer

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