Feeling a New Classical Sensation in Your Home by Using Tiger Bamboo Flooring February 2017

tiger bamboo flooring

The unique and good sensation of tiger bamboo flooring will make you get a good life February 2017 Bamboo is a new good innovation of flooring today. It has unique design and motifs. The bamboo is considered to make the people‚Äôs life be better. Therefore, this material is sought by other manufacturing companies as their floor material. Bamboo is growth easily and friendly to the earth than other woods. Bamboo […]

Cleaning Wood Floors : Using Steam Method February 2017

steam cleaning  floor

Cleaning wood floors need special treatment, and one of them is steam cleaning technique. How is the cleaning turn out? Read this out February 2017! Hardwood is home long term investment. To keep it always clean is a must, in order to make them lasting for long time and not easily damage. Wood floor need special treatment when it comes to cleaning. Of course you do not want to accidently […]

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