Get More Elegant Look by Setting Tile Over Shower Pan March 2017

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Change your plain tile over shower pan using some tile will create a warm appearance March 2017

Bathroom is a vital room in your home. It is very necessary. You may want to decorate your bathroom so it will become a nice room. Bathroom is completed with some furnishings item. Surely, you have shower in your bathroom. With shower, you can bathe below the spray of cold and warm water. One of essential items for your bathroom is a shower pan. It represents the floor of a shower which will direct the water into the drain. A shower pan consists of the pan and the strainer. The pan ensures the water can shed directly to the drainpipe. While the strainer keeps some large objects from entering to the drainpipe. Typically shower pans made of synthetic material which is waterproof, durable, and strong (for example acrylic, fiberglass). You should install it properly in your bathroom. You can place tile over shower pan for giving more decoration. The tile will add decorative elegance to your bathroom. Usually, many homeowners choose fiberglass shower pan. A fiberglass pan gives a stable base if you want to use the shower to stand on. But, a fiberglass is plain. You can install tile over shower pan fiberglass for improving the appearance of your shower.

Some installers usually will start to tile the shower pan after tiling the wall and ceiling. For tile over shower pan, you are recommended to use small tiles. It will help to follow the slope of the shower pan. If the tile cannot follow the slope of your shower pan, you should cut it. You should check the drain height. It should be lower than the surface of the shower pan tile.

Instal Tile over fiberglass shower pan March 2017

To install tile over fiberglass shower pan, you should clean the shower pan and ensure the surface is smooth. Then, cover the shower pan with thin-set mortar about one foot square. Do not forget to cut a hole for the drain and place tape above the hole so the mortar cannot enter the pipe. Then start to set the tile. Lay the tile and the tile spacer until completely done. Make sure that you make good connection between the tiles and thin-set. You should ensure that there won’t be gab among the tile and thin-set. Let the thin-set dry for 24 hours. Then move the spacer and fill the gabs between the tiles with grout. Let the grout about twenty minutes to set. Next, wipe down with a damp sponge to remove the grout from the surface of the tiles.

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