Feeling a New Classical Sensation in Your Home by Using Tiger Bamboo Flooring February 2017

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The unique and good sensation of tiger bamboo flooring will make you get a good life February 2017

Bamboo is a new good innovation of flooring today. It has unique design and motifs. The bamboo is considered to make the people’s life be better. Therefore, this material is sought by other manufacturing companies as their floor material. Bamboo is growth easily and friendly to the earth than other woods. Bamboo used for flooring is usually in 4 to 6 ages. Choosing bamboo is better than choosing other woods. Besides, it is also strong and durable. Bamboo will make your floor looks beautiful and attractive such as hardwood floor. You can also save your money because bamboo is cheaper. The bamboo flooring is well known as tiger bamboo flooring.

There are four kinds of bamboo flooring that you can choose based on tiger stripe bamboo flooring. The first is a special bamboo floor. Is it made for building and made of pine that is covered with bamboo. The second one is horizontal bamboo flooring. This type of bamboo flooring has strains such bamboo fiber. It is made of bamboo boards that glued each other. The third type is vertical bamboo flooring. This bamboo flooring is made placing several bamboos vertically and set them together with glue. The last type of tiger stripe bamboo flooring is woven bamboo. As its name, it is made of woven. It is the most friendly and environmentally way. To make this floor, the manufacturers cut the steam of the bamboo, dry it, and then heat it. Why bamboo should be heated? It is because of to evaporate glucose inside of bamboo. Besides, this way will make the bamboo be cleaner and denser. Those above are four types of bamboo flooring and you can choose one of them that suit you.

tiger stripe bamboo flooring

Tiger stripe bamboo flooring reviews February 2017

If you have any bamboo flooring, you will feel like stepping in the new world. It is because it made of simple, cool, light, and nice material of bamboo. Surely the bamboo floor will create a special sensation in a home. You should try this product so you can enjoy this material with your family members with a cool and natural sensation. Do not worry about the price because this bamboo flooring is very cheap. You will get many advantages for your life as this product offers good sensation and durability and also cheap price. The bamboo can last for 5 years but the unique, classic, and warm sensation belonging to tiger stripe bamboo flooring equals with its durability.

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tiger stripe bamboo flooringtiger bamboo flooring

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