The Easy Way of Flooring with Snap Together Vinyl Flooring March 2017

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Get bored of adhesive flooring installation? Looking for an easy way and fast? Try snap together Vinyl Flooring March 2017

Have you heard about floating tile or snap together? If your builder said about Snap together, it means that they use floating flooring which snapping the tile by interlocking teeth and not glued down using adhesive or set of mortar. There is no need to remove the old ceramic or tile. This technique makes the snap lock tile place on the kitchen floor securely. This type of flooring can be used in kitchen, room or living space as well and this flooring still can last for years. Snap together vinyl flooring is one of flooring type that uses this technique. Because of the snapping technique, the installation is fast and easy.

Vinyl is known with its low budget and durability. Vinyl flooring has a few types. There are vinyl plank, vinyl sheet and vinyl tile. Vinyl planks have similar layer with laminate but not contain wood fibers. It is little bit thicker than vinyl sheet or vinyl tiles which only 1/8 to 3/16 inch. Snap together vinyl flooring tiles has 4 primary layers they are the urethane layer, protective film, design layer and backing layer. The standard size is 12×12 inch. Vinyl tiles are waterproof therefore they can handle dampness and humidity. It is suitable for kitchen, mudroom, or bathroom. Vinyl tiles installation does not need lot of effort but you still need to be careful. The subfloor surface has to be prepped or acclimate. You can put hardboard before glue the vinyl tiles. It is to cover the imperfection under the vinyl for proper evenness.

Choose snap together vinyl flooring tiles March 2017

The variety design of Snap together vinyl flooring tiles gives you a good choice for you own style. If you prefer embossed or beveled edge tile, there are some vinyl tile which made from a natural product like stone, wood or ceramic. It can give you not only a look but also a feel of natural material. Do not worry over color or pattern choice as well; you will be delighted by the wide range of colors that can help you to make your own visual effect by collaborate the color into checkerboards or other patterns. Just let your imagination leads your way.

Even though this Snap together technique gives you an easy and fast way of flooring, you still need to be careful with your choice. The best material, unique design and proper Installation are the important aspect for good and durable flooring. Regular cleaning is needed to make your vinyl tile always look new and lasting for years.

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