The Cost of Refinish Hardwood Floors on Kansas City February 2017

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Many people may ever hear hardwood floor. Hardwood floors add stylish elegance or folksy charm to a home, depending on the type of wood, layout and condition. Refinishing to remove ground-in dirt while sanding out dents and dings can revive this highly visible portion of your interior decor. The companies provided hardwood floor are now spread in many countries and cities. One of those companies is refinish hardwood floors which is located in Kansas City.

The Hardwood Floor Company above presents good quality of refinishing hardwood floor. It also provides installation and hardwood floor sanding services. There are some types of refinish hardwood floors cost. First, the costis approximately $200 untill $250 with $1 per square foot. So the total cost above is for 225-square-foot room. Then, doing a screening. Typically the screening takes about one day or two days. This process also may restore a good condition of floor too. There is also cost about $340-$900 (about $1.50-$4 per a square foot) to complete refinishing the same length as above (15×15 foot room). It usually includes sanding the bare wood and applying at least 2 or 3 coats of finish. Simple projects are about 2 days till 4 days but the process can also take from 3 days to some weeks. It depends on the type of stain, finish, and the weather. The price range also may jump from $850 to $1,125. It is around $3.75- $5 per square foot. The cost can be more for a refinisher doing customized job such as using multiple chemicals coats, stains and other to create the right appearance. Generally, it will take at least 8 days to 11 days or more. Additional costs is refinishing stairs which is about $25 to $45 per step to the total cost, some damaged floors may need replaced boards, sealed cracks, bleached stains, or other repairs before refinished. The cost depends on the problems there.



How much does it cost to refinish hardwood floors by yourself February 2017

How much does it cost to refinish hardwood floors? You know is too much if hire people, you can refinish by yourself. For refinishing a 225-square-foot floor, you can rent a commercial sander called a drum sander. Then, buy needed materials which cost $125-$225. Renting a floor buffer and buying needed supplies recoating is about $50-$100. Many people do refinishing by hiring other people while they’re on vacation. Doing the refinishing yourself is only for those who have much time and patience.

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