Convenient Flooring for Your Room by Choosing Turman Hardwood Flooring March 2017

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Get your best hardwood flooring with Turman hardwood flooring March 2017

Flooring is an important thing, isn’t? Some materials which commonly use for flooring include ceramic tile, terrazzo, wood flooring, stone, and some of seamless chemical floor coatings (it is usually polyester, latex, epoxy or urethane compounds which are applied in liquid form and commonly used for wet areas). Surely, flooring is an important thing for your home. Now, some homeowners prefer to use wood flooring for their home. They choose Hardwoods because they are durable, practical, and lend a sense of tradition to the interior. The familiar hardwood flooring is Turman hardwood flooring.

Turman Hardwood Flooring is located in one of the places in Virginia where there are some of the best hardwoods in the country are grown. Exactly, it is in the Appalachian Mountains in Southwestern Virginia. Turman’s flooring is produced from these best trees. Turman flooring only produce a good quality products at every step of the manufacturing process. There are three grades of Turman flooring; they are premium grade, builder grade, and character grade. Premium grade is 100% select/Btr. It is only available for special order. It provides twenty years warranty. Builder grade is a mix of select/Btr (65% – 70%) and (30% – 35%). It also provides twenty years warranty. The character grade promotes the originally occurring flaws in wood. You won’t get warranty for this grade. Turman flooring provides three widths; they are 4-1/4″, 3-1/4″, and 2-1/4″.

Best choose Turman hardwood flooring colors March 2017

You can choose one of some turman hardwood flooring colors. You can choose Red Oak ( Natural, Butterscotch, Golden Oak), White Oak (Natural, Gunstock, Honey Rose, Warm Walnut), American Cherry (Natural), Hickory (Natural), Hard Maple (Natural) and Ash (Natural, Honey Rose). It also offers two gloss finishes. The greater number of their production is made in a semi-floss finish. A satin finish is ready in 3 – 1/4″ and 2 – 1/4″ in honey rose White Oak, natural Red Oak, and gunstock White Oak . All production has square ends and micro bevel on the edge of each piece.

You will get some benefits by using Turman hardwood flooring. They are easy to install so they will make the construction of your home can be quickly finished. They also come in uniform sizes which can be easily puzzled together to cope a whole space. You can easily clean the hardwood floors. Use vacuum or broom and a mop to clean the surface of hardwood floors. All types of hardwood floors provide an elegant and flossy look. They offer the warmth to your room. They will also help your interiors look more spacious.

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