Beautifying the Floor by doing Restain Hardwood Floor February 2017

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Restain Hardwood Floor is the best way to beautify your hardwood floor if you install it correctly February 2017

Having a hardwood floor is a pleasure thing. However, the old hardwood may need to be restained. The most important when having a hardwood floor is to do restain hardwood floor that you have. You can do it by hiring any worker or you do it by yourself. Hiring any worker surely costs more expensive than doing by your own self. If you want to do it by your own self but you do not know how, here are some tips about how to restaining old hardwood floors.

For restaining a hardwood floor, you have to sand off the old hardwood. You can rent a floor sander. The good one is a walk behind sander which has a big rotating drum. It will remove the finish by using series of sandpaper grades properly and operate the sander correctly. Rentals usually have three kinds of sandpaper: fine, medium, and coarse. Do not forget to wear mask and ear protection. Then, fill any spots of the floor. You can use putty or knife to fill any gouges. Let it dry based on the package directions and then sand smoothly the areas by hand with sandpaper. After you finish the sanding, you need to remove the dust from the floor, walls, and molding. Wipe walls and moldings to get the dust fall onto the floor, and use damp on the moldings to remove the residue. Wait until the dust is settled, and then vacuum them. After vacuuming, wipe the surface of whole floor with a cloth to pick up the dust residue.

restaining old hardwood floor

Restaining old hardwood floors February 2017

After you finish the steps above, the next step is sealing. You can choose the sealer depends on the look that you want. Your choices are Polyurethane, Varnish, and Penetrating sealer. Polyurethane has a plastic look. It darkens or sometimes yellow wood. It is suitable for high traffic and moisture areas. Varnish is glossy. It makes the surface be durable. Penetrating sealer has a natural look which brings the grain. It also presents good protection but it is less durable than varnish or polyurethane. Ideally, you have to seal the floor in the same day you sanding to avoid the moisture wood surface. Ensure to use enough sealer to cover the surface but not too much because it will pool the surface. If you fail, it will leave an ugly spot. Apply the finish wax and wait for around 24 hours after the final drying and then move furniture into the room and that is the last steps of how to /

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restaining old hardwood floor
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restaining old hardwood floorsrestaining old hardwood floor

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