The Applications of Epoxy Floor Paint March 2017

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 Epoxy floor paint enables you to have a shiny floor like a diamond March 2017

Epoxy Floor paint is usually put on a concrete floor. Epoxy paint is a special paint that consists of two (2) component epoxy paint material. They are resin and hardener. Both of the materials evenly are superimposed on top of the concrete. Epoxy paint will dry after forming a thin but tough layer (film), water-resistant, chemical and color resistant, and even under certain conditions it will affect glossy. To learn more about epoxy flooring, you can visit wikipedia online. The applications of epoxy floor paint are usually used to coat the floor in closed spaces that promotes cleanliness and beauty. For examples are hallways and hospital floor, TV studios, laboratories, production rooms, showroom, factory floor / warehouse food, and many other rooms. How does the application of epoxy floor? The best and popular epoxy floor today comes from Sherwin Williams epoxy floor paint. Once you get this product, you can apply it in the floors. Here are the steps of floor epoxy globally:

The floor is concrete that has a compressive strength of at least 225 kg / cm2, with appropriate reinforcement design of the structure planner. This concrete floor must be able to accept the burden without a decline at all. The floor age is at least 28 days and the humidity level is not more than 80% RH when the application is started. For floors that are directly on the ground, it is advisable to be coated by vapor barrier layer (water vapor barrier) in the form of a thin sheet of material bitumen coated with polyethylene plastic material. When foundry, the floor must be leveled with adequate equipment and height supervised and examined with a good measuring equipment (theodolite or laser systems), so the flatness, smoothness, and floor height, according to the original plan. The surface should be smooth, not bumpy, and rough. The method of stripping surfaces such as using a grit-blasting, water jetting, and diamond scrubber can be used especially for surfaces that have been contaminated by the spilled dry cement or dirt that has been petrified and others. Use water and soap to wash the dirt liquid form of oil and paste.

Sherwin Williams epoxy floor paint March 2017

After preparing the floor, the floor must be dried at least 2 x 24 hours before continuing the installation of epoxy paint. Using large fan (blower) can help the process of drying wet or damp floor conditions. Make sure that the concrete floor is clean of dust. The concrete floor that has been qualified at the top, first coated of epoxy primer can be applied by roller or spray with air pressure. Wait the primer layer to dry at least for 12 hours. Then, do the stage of epoxy base coat and top body coat. Use the good quality roller where the feathers will not fall off during be used. The coats are done in 2 times, in which direction should the intersecting coating. In coating process, pay attention to the cleanliness of the floor of dust, flying insects such as flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other. If there find the dirt or animal falling, they should be discarded and re-coated. Open all windows and doors for indoor spaces for the safety of workers. Do not smoke from starting mixing until coating. Every time after coating, the floor should not be skipped by human, wagon or other vehicle to a minimum of 12 hours. After 12 hours, people are allowed to step on the Sherwin Williams epoxy floor paint but with very carefully and do not use shoes that have a tip or sharp or hard shoe.

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